My Counselling Office

Your comfort is essential to doing good therapy.

That's why I made my counselling office feel like home.  I chose every detail with your wellbeing in mind.  From the convenient downtown location (with free 1-hour parking), to the discreet and private building, to the bright and naturally-lit space, with abundant comfortable seating, a more fitting counselling space is hard to find.

My counselling office gives you a soft place to land.

Many people seek therapy when they're in the midst of distress.  A big part of feeling at ease with your counsellor is feeling safe in the therapy room.  After all, you need to feel relaxed and secure in order to effectively engage in the counselling process.  My office offers you a haven to feel grounded, so that we can talk about what really matters.

Get a feel for my counselling space

To get a better sense of what my office feels like, take a look through the gallery below, and explore the 360° visual tour.

Are you ready to take the next step forward?