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Free 20-Minute Consult

Take Your Next Step With Confidence

You want a counsellor you know you'll work well with.

When it comes to the effectiveness of any therapy, the most important factor is the relationship between you and your counsellor. Choosing a therapist who fits is a crucial first step toward the change you want to make. In a city like Victoria, there are dozens of counsellors to choose from – each with their own unique approach. It could be a costly and discouraging process seeing someone for a full session or two, only to determine they just don’t fit for you. Then it’s back to the drawing board. I want you to feel confident, even before our first counselling session.

That’s why I offer you a free 20-minute consult.

Before making the important decision of which counsellor will suit your needs best, I give you the chance to meet with me in person. This helps you know if I can be helpful with the problems you’re facing. It also lets you see how comfortable you feel talking with me about your problems. I give you the opportunity to use the consult in whatever way you think will be most beneficial. For some people that means interviewing me based on what they’re looking for. Others prefer me to ask them questions about where they’re coming from. Whatever your preference, I make sure it works for you.

Setting the Stage for Effective Counselling

Trust is an essential part of good therapy.

Many people coming in for counselling feel uncomfortable talking about their concerns at first. After all, any counsellor you haven’t met yet is just another stranger. You don’t want to trust your problems to just anyone. They need to show you that they’re trustworthy and competent. By using your free 20 minute consult to get a sense of what it’s actually like to sit and talk with me, you’ll know that I can be trusted with your concerns. Your consult sets the stage for us to do good work.

A little bit of time can go a long way.

Even though we only meet at first for 20 minutes, most people find this time to make a real difference with how they’re feeling. For some people it inspires hope, knowing with more certainty that they’re on the right track. Others find it to be a first step in the right direction, taking the start of an encouraging new perspective with them when they leave. Some find it relieving to finally open up and talk with someone who gets it. I always do my part to make it as helpful to you as possible.