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Client Testimonials

A Crucial Part of Reducing My Anxiety

I thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Will. He is the most considerate and patient person I could imagine. His passionate opposition against black and white thinking and labeling was a huge eye opener for me. It made for a most welcoming atmosphere in his sessions and gradually led to an inner reconciliation with my anxiety and sleep issues. His very many practical suggestions extremely helpful and played an important role in my day to day anxiety management.

A.B. - Victoria, BC

A Liberating and Rewarding Experience

My experience working with Will has been incredibly rewarding. Will treats our sessions with respect, care, and insight; he creates a non-judgmental environment, and helps make sense of what can seem like chaos. In this sense, working with Will has been astoundingly liberating. His approach feels tailor-fit to my needs and sensibilities, and allows for emotional, spiritual, and psychological growth and health. Will balances compassion and empathy with identifying themes, causes, and patterns of thought. Leaving each session, I feel as though productive and important work has been done, and look forward to our subsequent meetings. As an added bonus, it helps that Will has a light-hearted and appropriate sense of humour.

R.T. - Victoria, BC

Effective Counselling With Amazing Results

After my first session with Will I was very happy that I chose him. Will was very easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable. I trusted him with everything I said and never felt pressured while with him. He taught me the most valuable piece of information – that I am in control of my life, everything is my decision and my choice. I left every session amazed with the results.

J.W. - Victoria, BC

Will Asks the Right Questions at the Right Time

I’ve seen half a dozen therapists over the years and few of them have done for me what Will has. Will’s method is conversational and delicate — he works by asking the right questions at the right time, and by demystifying mental illness. Will won’t back you into a corner, won’t pathologize you and he isn’t overly sentimental. He’s there to supplement your internal dialogue, and to guide you along the path to living ore freely. As long as I am in Victoria, if I need a therapist again, I know who I will seek out.

L.S - Victoria, BC

Non-Judgmental Counselling for Making Real Change

I was a guy who felt out of control.  I was unhappy in my life overall, and tried everything from antidepressants to self-help books.  I decided to see Will because my relationship was especially bad…worse than it had ever been.  When my wife would get upset with me, I’d fly into a rage, saying the most hurtful and offensive things I could think of.  I’d yell and scream, and break things that were really dear to her.  I felt powerless and even though I knew that wasn’t how I wanted to be, I just couldn’t seem to stop myself.
That was over a year ago, and if I hadn’t made the decision to see Will, I don’t know where I’d be today (other than on the road to divorce and drowning my sorrows in booze).  Will helped me get a handle on my rage and commit to living my life as the man I knew I could be.  I dreaded owning up to the things I did, but Will’s compassionate, non-judgmental approach helped to dispel any shame I felt and step into a life that’s better for me and those I care about.

G.B. - Victoria, BC

A Helpful Counsellor Through A Difficult Transition

Will was a very easy choice as my first counsellor because of two main reasons.  First, he is extremely comfortable to talk to and is able to calmly discuss personal matters within an environment which allowed me to open up beyond the conversations I was having with my family and partner.  Secondly, my sessions with Will became stimulating and with his help along with the people I have surrounded myself with, my acceptance of the person I am became a much easier transition than solely trying to find answers on my own.  I look forward to having future appointments with Will when I feel the need to reach out again.

J.G. - Victoria, BC

Therapeutic Solutions to Old Problems

I came to see Will because of a long-standing problem that I had dealt with for as far back as I could remember.  Since I was young, I felt like I just didn’t measure up – like I was no good.  The only way I could get validation was if I was in really intense relationships with women.  I tried getting help a few times before, and even saw a psychiatrist who labeled me with “borderline personality disorder”.  Before I saw Will, the help I got only took me so far.  I still couldn’t shake the feeling that I just wasn’t good enough.

When I booked my first appointment, I didn’t know what to expect.  I wanted answers and strategies, but what I got was so much more.  Will helped me to look at my life in a way I never had before.  He asked me about things that I had never even considered, and the understanding and awareness that I got from those sessions helped me to change what I struggled with for over 50 years of my life.  Before I always felt incomplete and anxious to be seen as good.  Now I just feel at peace with myself.  I’m amazed that those things I used to worry about for most of the day, every day, barely even cross my mind now.

B.A. - Victoria, BC

A Fresh Therapeutic Perspective

Will’s non-confrontational style and strong belief in the dignity of human experience has encouraged me to re-view my relationships with the past, myself, and others in a more encompassing light.  His careful, thoughtful council and listening skills are refreshing.  I highly recommend his services.

G.D. - Salt Spring Island, BC

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