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Will's Counselling Approach

I Have Expertise as a Counsellor

Part of my expertise lies in my ability to ask questions. Questions are a crucial part of my counselling approach. Sometimes we can be like fish in water: we don’t always stop to think about the stuff we’re swimming in. For this reason, my curiosity is one of my greatest assets as a counsellor. By questioning things that you might take for granted, you increase your awareness. With that new awareness comes new possibilities for action and change. In this way, my questions are a springboard toward creating the difference you’re longing for.

You are the Expert in Your Own Life

I believe that every person who joins me for therapy brings a lifetime worth of knowledge, skill, and ability into the counselling room. I help you bring your pre-existing skills and knowledge to the forefront of your awareness. By combining my skill at asking questions with your knowledge of your own life, we can move toward new understandings of your problems and concerns. Through those new understandings, you will start to see the potential for things to be different in the ways you want them to be.

Context is Crucial

Many other counselling approaches look at your problems out of context.

Psychology has a history of only focusing on the mind or brain. As a human being, you know there’s a lot more to you than that. You're a complex social being. Your problems are complex and social too. By looking at your concerns in up-close and in-depth ways, we can gain a far richer understanding of what's troubling you. This opens the door to more possibilities for action and change.

The issues you bring to counselling are multidimensional.

Approaches that fail to address the context around your problems can only help you so far. For this reason, I ask questions to draw out important contextual factors that are often ignored through other approaches. My questions help illuminate details you may not have considered beforehand. This helps you see more of the big picture, making you more equipped to take action in preferred ways.

My counselling approach helps paint a clearer picture.

Problems can be hard to wrap our heads around. The questions I ask help you put them in perspective. When we look at our problems in this way, they become a lot less daunting. It's like turning the lights on in a pitch black hallway: the end becomes visible and the way to get there becomes clear.  Counselling approaches like mine help people find solutions with far greater ease.